L. «he soñado varias veces contigo».

Two years ago I found a postcard in a box at a flea market. At that moment, I didn't pay much attention to the contents, but this postcard was different from most of them including portraits of girls I found in the same place; in this one the picture of a girl, a make up and smily face model, was framed by a few lines of text that caught my attention: «Contéstame a Lista de Correos» and «Te voy a mandar un retrato mio». The back was written without an empty gap and the words had shrunk as the space dwindled. The postcard turned out to be a love letter written between 1905-1910 and signed by a single L.

Archival material.
Colour and B&W negative film : 6x7cm, 6x6cm, 4,5x6cm, 35mm.

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