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El año que duró 14 meses y 1 dia

Transgression, desobedience, tomadoras de gato and other common offenses

On May 13, 1913 the press announced the death of a female inmate in the Reina Amalia prison in the city of Barcelona. She had been imprisoned since February 27 of the previous year, awaiting a trial that was never took place. The inmate, who died of uterine cancer and suffered from several heart diseases, was accused of kidnapping a young girl and investigated for crimes, such as witchery and murder children. The evidence found and presented during the course of the investigation, and the ones collected from the interrogations and the examinations of her body, set the pace for a tortuous history and a continuum horrific experiences on the edge of death. Enriqueta Martí, whom the press called witch and vampire, was thus turned into la mala dona.

I came across her story in 2018, looking for cases of women accused of typical female crimes. Her story guides this research on the conceptualization of the criminal woman, along with the identification and seclusion systems that occurred at the turn of  the  20th century.

Colour and B&W negative film : 6x7cm, 6x6cm, 4,5x6cm, 35mm. 

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