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Transgressions Disobedience Feminicide Misogyny

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17th-19th March 2023
Project: Si las paredes callaran.
Author: Ana Lorente
Place: Format Festival. FORMAT23 Photobook Market
Performing the Photobook.  Derby Museum and Art Gallery on The Wardwick.

11th-26th March 2023
Project: Archives [0]. A fragmentary inquiry on female criminalization during the Belle Époque.
Author: Ana Lorente
Place: Reminders Photography Stronghold, Tokyo.
Pictures: Ana Lorente.

21st February 2023
Project: Embolismo por soleá.
Author: Paula Bruna.
Place: La Capella, Barcelona.
Pictures: Ana Lorente.

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Psf+El Tricicle


La main de la reine et autres ...

A woman and her family had been kicked out of their home. Another family had taken possession of its walls. For weeks, she along with members...

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